The seat is the central element, both structurally and visually, of a Windsor chair. It also defines the style — a Windsor is a chair in which all the parts stop at the seat. The seat in other styles of chairs, either woven or upholstered, is added after the frame is made, but a Windsor is just a handful of sticks without the seat.

Split from a log, all parts save the seat are worked green and then dried. Some parts are air dried and others are super dried in a kiln. Removed from the kiln, the ends of these super-dried parts are inserted into holes in the wetter air-dried parts where they swell like a sponge, locking the chair together.

Seat blanks are deeply shaped to fit you comfortably. The chair back is composed of slim, strong spindles that flex to cradle your back in a warm, strong embrace. Spindles have minute facets, like a cut diamond, left by a spokeshave.


The building of a handmade chair is a personal process. With the delivery of each chair order, the customer will receive a short story that I wrote about their chair. Each story is a personal memento of the chairmaking process, a moment in the chair’s birth, preserved in words.

Some of these stories may be posted on my blog for others to enjoy.


My chairs are made one at a time, by hand, by me. Chairs are, with few exceptions, made to order and can take six to twelve months to complete.

When receiving an order, I take a twenty-percent down payment. The remainder is due upon delivery. I deliver for free, within a reasonable driving distance. I can also ship any chair via freight (contact me for a price quote).