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With the delivery of each chair order, the customer gets a short story I wrote about their chairs. The stories are a personal memento of the chairmaking process, a moment in the chairs’ birth preserved in words.

Thanks Curtis

I first met Curtis Buchanan 15 years ago this month. My father drove the five hours to Jonesborough, TN and dropped me, a 17-year-old homesick boy, off for a week. Curtis had a student that week. I split logs and

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Chair Stories: Grandma’s Linseed Oil

This week I shipped a Fan Back and a Birdcage Side Chair to Rene in California.  Here’s the story that went along with her chairs (I’ll get back to some how-to articles soon): My Grandmother was a hands-on sort of

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Chair Stories: Little Block Plane

On Friday I delivered a Continuous Arm Settee to Mark and Leslie in Chapel Hill, NC. They have a modern apartment downtown and wanted a more contemporary chair, so I put cigar-turnings on the settee (like those on Curtis Buchanan’s

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The Gouge’s Handle

Today I turned 103 baby rattles. This may seem a long day, but it’s less than a day’s work at two and a half minutes each. I’ve been turning rattles since I was 16. Tom Donahey was the straw-boss at

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Chair Stories: The Workbench (plus new classes & chest update)

Last week I delivered a set of two Birdcage Side Chairs and two Birdcage Arm Chairs to Cara in Chapel Hill, NC. Here’s a story about her chairs: I wiped a spot of spilled hide glue off the workbench as

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