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Curtis Carving Spoons/Settee Class

Curtis Buchanan and I spent some time carving spoons last January.  I photographed his process, which he describes as “the way a chairmaker with bad elbows carves a spoon.”  Or something like that. He carves the bowl first.  This is

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Dowel Plates/New Class

Over a decade ago, a customer told me he used a dowel plate to cut the tenons on his spindles.  “That won’t work,” I replied, having never tried it myself.  Last fall, I switched to using dowel plates to cut

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2017 Chairmaking Classes

Classes in My Shop Much to my surprise, my 2017 classes have been filling up before I even put them up on  my website!  Here’s what I have booked at present.  I have not booked classes in June, July and/or

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Kiln Temps/Class Openings

A kiln dried tenon, an air-dried mortise, no glue and a sloppy fit: wait overnight and the tenon will swell so tight that you can’t budge it. At least that is true where I live – I don’t know what

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Free Tool, Free Forum, Upcoming Classes

BEVEL BUDDY Several years ago a student sent me a .PDF file of a template for accurately setting a Sliding T-Bevel to any angle between 0-55 degrees. It was made by Wisconsin chair-maker Steven First, who has generously allowed me

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