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Black-over-Red/Oak for Sale

We’ve painted the red coats on our rocker in a few previous posts, so it’s time for the black: Make sure you spoon the foam off the top of the paint.  I do this every time I mix up paint.

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Further coats of Milk Paint/Instagram

Those following my series of posts on milk paint may remember that back in January we painted the first coat of paint on the Continuous Arm Rocker. Paint makes surface defects much more apparent, so let’s look and see what

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Brush Technique & First Coat of Paint

I’ve spent the last two weeks traveling. First, I spent a week up in Jonesborough, TN with my mentor Curtis Buchanan, working on a birdcage barstool and refining our techniques for reaming bent posts. Or more importantly, eating Marilyn’s good

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Mixing Milk Paint

This is the second installment on finishing the Continuous Arm Rocker from my DVD: Mix 2 parts water to 1 part paint. This is a good starting place for black and red, but some colors require less water.  You can

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Dents, Gaps and Tears

Joshua Farnsworth recently filmed a video of me building a Continuous Arm Rocker. It should be published by Popular Woodworking in the next month or so. Today I started cleaning up the chair in preparation for painting and plenty of

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