A nice shaving horse: Tim Manney has designed a simple shaving horse that works really well. Curtis has plans for this horse.
Free Workbench Plans: Curtis has free plans for his workbenches, which are similar to mine (mine are a little bigger and disassemble easily).
Free Videos: Curtis Buchanan has nearly 100 free videos on YouTube on making Comb Back, Continuous Arm and Fan Back chairs, plus videos on sharpening many chairmaking tools. Curtis is the most generous man I know.
Make a Reamer: Jennie Alexander’s website has detailed instructions for making a reamer.
Tool List: Primarily for my students, this tool list has some tool buying suggestions.


Blog Articles:  There are a series of articles on my blog about finishing chairs.
Videos:  Curtis Buchanan has a number of free videos on finishing his chairs (see Comb Back videos 45 through 51).  My technique closely resembles his, though I use shellac over the paint instead of oil.
Chairnotes Blog: Peter Galbert has articles on his blog about the way he finishes chairs.
Shellac: This article by Don Williams has excellent info on shellac, plus his website has more finishing info.
All about Oil: This highly informative video explains how linseed (and other) oils cure and how to easily accelerate it’s drying time at home using sunlight, heat and oxygen. He says he can make oil that dries to the touch in 30 minutes without additives.
Garlic Soaked Oil: The Full Chisel Blog has several blog posts explaining some of the steps mentioned in the previous video (washing oil in water, aerating with a fish-tank bubbler, etc.), plus info on using garlic cloves to help dry oil. Click ‘older posts’ for further posts. Fascinating!
Milk Paint DVD: I have a DVD on how I paint my chairs.


Nicholas Cicchinelli – seats, oak & maple: I have bought hundreds of seats from Nicholas Cicchinelli, who has the finest one and two-piece air-dried white pine seats. He sometimes also sells green maple turning blanks and oak splits. 315-323-4880  UPDATE: He will be out of single-piece seats for most of 2018, but he does have plenty of two-piece seats. Here are two places that I have heard have pine, though I have never bought from them:  Currier Forest Products  & Shawn Murphy
Chair Plans: Curtis Buchanan is now selling beautiful chair plans of his beautiful chairs. I have some of his plans on my website too.
Green Wood: Read about where to find green wood on my blog.
Seat woods: Read about various woods that make good seats on my blog.


Bevel Buddy:  Steven First made a template for accurately setting your Sliding T-Bevel to any angle between 0-55 degrees.  Just print it out and glue it to a piece of plywood or sheet metal (a coat of varnish would help protect the paper). Works much better than a protractor.  Requires a PDF viewer to print.


Old Woodworking Machinery:  An amazing resource, OWWM is a forum for people interested in old machinery.  I have bought several machines from the classifieds on their sister site, which also has a huge library of free owner’s manuals for machines dating back over 100 years.  Incredible.
Old Tools: Mid-West Tool Collectors Association has regional groups all over the country that host tool meets with people selling all kinds of old tools. If there’s a group near you it’s well worth a visit – the tools are usually fairly priced and the people are friendly.
Ed’s Tool Store: Ed Lebetkin has a huge selections of old hand-tools located above The Woodwright’s School in Pittsboro, NC (about 40 minutes from me).