Oak Rivings

My assistant Seth Elliott and I are selling oak rivings. Oak blanks are split from an log to ensure straight grained, knot-free chair parts. They are shipped green (wet), wrapped in plastic, and look like glorified pieces of firewood.

I prefer to use red oak for spindles and white oak for bends. Red oak seems to yield straighter spindles, and white oak bends more predictably. If I have both kinds of oak on hand, that is what I’ll ship, unless you specify otherwise. I ship both heartwood and sapwood parts, since sapwood is often some of the best wood in the log.


I charge actual shipping costs plus a packing fee, which varies from about $10 to $30 based on package size. After shipping the order, I will e-mail you a bill for the total cost, including the wood, packing and shipping. Rivings are always shipped separately from other items to prevent damage.

Rivings are made to order and may take a number of weeks to ship, depending on my current backlog. Contact me for more info or to place an order.

Windsor Chair Parts

12″ Spindle — $1.00 ea.

24″ Spindle — $3.50 ea.

30″ Spindle — $4.00 ea.

1×1″ Bow — $14.00 ea. (specify length)

Crest — $13.00 ea. (specify ALL THREE finished dimensions)

Continuous Arm Back, With Handhold — $20.00 ea. (specify ALL THREE finished dimensions)

Ladderback Chair Parts

Back Post 1 5/8 x 35″ — $14.00 ea.

Front Post 1 5/8 x 20″ — $9.00 ea.

Long Rung 1 x 17″ — $3.00 ea.

Short Rung 1 x 14″ — $2.00 ea.

Back Slat 1/2 x 4 x 18″ — $10.00 ea.

I am happy to make parts to your size (and possibly species) requirements — contact me for pricing. However, I do not sell maple rivings.


I have bought hundreds of seats from Nicholas Cicchinelli, who has the finest one and two-piece air-dried white pine seats. He sometimes also sells green maple turning blanks and oak splits. Contact him for more info:

Nicholas Cicchinelli
302 State Highway 458
St. Regis Falls, NY 12980

Update: Nick will be out of single-piece seats for most of 2018, but he does have plenty of two-piece seats. Here are two places that I have heard have pine, though I have never bought from them:

Currier Forest Products
Shawn Murphy

Storing Green Wood


Green wood can be stored in a number of ways:

    • Spindles can be shaped then roughed to an octagonal cross section. Backs can be bent. In this state they will dry with minimal issues and keep indefinitely.
    • Wrap the parts in plastic to prevent drying. Put them in the freezer, and they will stay green indefinitely.
    • Wrap parts in plastic, and they will keep for a few weeks in the summer. Watch for mold which can lead to decay.
    • Submerging wood in water will prevent decay, but the parts may eventually smell like something your dog did. This goes away after the parts are dried.

  • Tips for Buying Logs

    A snippet from my Rocker DVD, the log buying info starts at the four minute mark:

    Read more info about storing green wood on my blog.

Read about where to find local sources of green wood on my blog.