This tool reams the arm stump and leg holes in the seat to a six-degree taper. It also works for reaming the arm stump holes in the arm. The blade tapers from 3/8″ to 1 1/4″ and is 1/16″ thick. See Jennie Alexander’s website for instructions on making your own. Developed by Richard Starr.

To keep up with the competition, the blade is now twenty-five percent thicker (1/16″), and the slot is machined for a more precise fit. A set screw has been added to adjust the depth of cut.

Reamers — $70 each

Custom reamers are available in eight degree tapers, eleven degree tapers and custom sizes for $95 each. Contact me to order.


This Set of Four Tools includes a leg tenon cutter, an arm-stump tenon cutter, and a 1/2″ spindle tenon cutter, plus one six-degree reamer. Dowel plates for the tops of the spindles are available separately, so you can pick the size(s) that match your bit. Visit the Tenon Cutters page for more info.

Set of Four Tools — $235

3/10″  Dowel Plate – $25 (free shipping to USA)

5/16″  Dowel Plate – $25 (free shipping to USA)

3/8″  Dowel Plate – $25 (free shipping to USA)

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“The tapered reamer exceeded my expectations…. Your tools would be a bargain at twice the price!”
–  Brian Eve

Read about the pros and cons of 6 versus 11 degree tapered tenons.

Read instructions for using reamers.

Make a Reamer: Jennie Alexander’s website has detailed instructions for making a reamer.