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Seth Elliott and I buy the best old drawknives we can find, then clean, tune and sharpen them.


These travishers are made specifically for chair seats. Brass soles are attached to the walnut bodies for increased wear resistance.


This tool reams the arm stump and leg holes in the seat to a six-degree taper. A set screw adjusts the blade’s depth of cut.


A variety of sizes to cut tenons on legs, posts and spindles.  Sets are also available.

riving logs


Oak blanks are split from an log to ensure straight grained, knot-free chair parts. They are shipped green (wet).

 Chair Legs


These crisp, well-proportioned chair turnings are riven (split) from a hard maple log and hand turned when still green. Hard maple is extremely strong and holds a sharp edge — riving ensures straight grain for strength.

Windsor Rocker with Elia Bizzarri DVD


How-to videos and plans for building your own chairs.

“The travisher was amazing! I was stressing about this tool, because there is so much information on the internet about how to use it, how it works different that you’d expect, blah, blah, blah. This tool was totally intuitive…”
– Brian Eve

Video Trailer

“I have received my turnings, and wow, they are great. The detail is so crisp, I have a lot of learning and practice to do to achieve this level. I’m going to make a more refined chair now to blend with your excellent turnings.”
– Mike Reeves

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