Month: December 2019

A Day in Dave’s Shop

On my way home from a holiday visit to my future in-laws in KY, I delivered Michelle her new arm chair.  Here's a story about her chair: As I whittled spindles for a Birdcage Arm Chair, I thought back on the day I first made spindles for the man who taught my...

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Greenwood Week, Women’s Chair Class & More

I have finally got my 2020 schedule finalized.  I'll be co-teaching a class with Roy Underhill at his school in September, teaching for three weeks in Bogota, Columbia in July and teaching these classes in my shop: Continuous Arm Settee January 27th to February...

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Dave Sawyer’s House

Painting a Comb Back Rocker for Sandra and Joseph, my mind wandered over the distant past, and I started daydreaming about Dave Sawyer. Dave Sawyer is my chairmaking grandfather. I learned from Curtis Buchanan, and Curtis learned from Dave. When I first visited Dave,...

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