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Trugs, Hoops and Poles

For your education and enjoyment, here are three short films of woodland crafts from British Pathe, a huge library of vintage films: This short English video shows the making of trugs.  I love the shot of the steam box.  What

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Steamboxes: Part 1

Do you really need a steam box? Boiling parts in water serves the same purpose as steaming and requires a simpler set-up with fewer heat-loss issues. ‘Chairmaking in High Wycombe’ references boiling of chair bows and I have bent table

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The Giant Maple

I visited with Curtis Buchanan last week, building Velda’s chairs and going over his new plans for the Velda’s chair.  On the way to his TN home, I dropped off Tomi’s Birdcage Side Chair.  Here’s a story about her chair:

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