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Drill Bits online class/Greenwood Videos

DRILL BITS:  POSITIVE TOOLS FOR MAKING NEGATIVE SPACES Buying (what to look for in old drill bits and new ones) Choosing the right bit for the job Sharpening Augers, Spoon Bits, Center Bits, etc. Making Bradpoints from Twist Bits Q&A

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All about Green Wood: Online Class #2

Since my drawknife class last weekend, I have been running around buying new cameras, stand, cables and a wireless mic.  I feel like it’s Christmas every time the mail lady comes.  I found a new videographer (Roy Underhill is a

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Space-Saving Shavehorses

My first online class about drawknives was quite a success last weekend. Fifty-eight people registered for the class and Roy Underhill showed up with lots of equipment and proceeded to film the entire class for me. We had lots of

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