These travishers are made specifically for chair seats. Maple soles are glued onto the walnut bodies for increased wear resistance. They will last indefinitely on softwood seats such as pine and tulip poplar. The blades are hand forged from 1/8″ thick O1 tool steel and bent in a 4.5″ radius, tight enough to fit in the back of the very deepest of seats. Based on a design by chairmaker Peter Galbert.

4.5″ Radius Travisher — $160 each



While visiting Dave Sawyer, professional Windsor chairmaker for over thirty years, I found he used a travisher with an 12″ radius to great effect on the front half of his seats. Final scraping of the seat was easier because the travisher’s curve closely matched the seat’s curve, leaving a flatter surface. While not as versatile as the 4.5″ radius travisher above, this flatter one complements it nicely.

12″ Radius Travisher — $160 each


These are the same blades used on our travishers. They are bent in a 4.5″ radius curve and are professionally tempered to RC 60-62 hardness. Travisher Blades come with two counter-sunk holes for a #8-32 machine screw and a bevel ground at thirty degrees. They come hollow-ground, but unsharpened. They are hand-bent, so they may have some twist and the actual curvature may vary.

4.5″ Radius Travisher Blade — $35 each (free shipping in USA)

Claire Minihan makes and sells beautiful travishers. She shows how to make a travisher and a wooden spokeshave in this video. Also covers blade-making and sharpening. Plans are included (they will need to be stretched if you are using my travisher blade, which is longer than the one she uses).

Travisher Making Video — $26 each (free shipping in USA)

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“The travisher was amazing! I was stressing about this tool, because there is so much information on the internet about how to use it, how it works different that you’d expect, blah, blah, blah. This tool was totally intuitive…”
– Brian Eve

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