sack-back-armchairThe seat is the central element, both structurally and visually, of a Windsor chair. It also defines the style — a Windsor is a chair in which all the parts stop at the seat. The seat in other styles of chairs, either woven or upholstered, is added after the frame is made, but a Windsor is just a handful of sticks without the seat.

Split from a log, all parts save the seat are worked green and then dried. Some parts are air dried and others are super dried in a kiln. Removed from the kiln, the ends of these super-dried parts are inserted into holes in the wetter air-dried parts where they swell like a sponge, locking the chair together.

Seat blanks are deeply shaped to fit you comfortably. The chair back is composed of slim, strong spindles that flex to cradle your back in a warm, strong embrace. Spindles have minute facets, like a cut diamond, left by a spokeshave.


My chairs are made one at a time, by hand, by me. Chairs are, with few exceptions, made to order and can take six to twelve months to complete. Contact me for current lead times and to place an order.

Traditional chairs can be painted in a multitude of colors. Contemporary styles can be painted, or made from fancy woods and finished with a clear coat of shellac. Read more about finishing options.

I take a twenty-percent down payment to place an order. The remainder is due upon delivery. I deliver for free, within a reasonable driving distance. I can also ship any chair via private carrier (contact me for a price quote).