Handmade Baby Rattles

Hand-Turned Baby Rattles

Hand-Turned Baby Rattles
Large-Handled on Left
Standard Rattle on Right

  • Finished with food-safe organic linseed oil.
  • Turned to regulation-safe size.
  • Made from maple, cherry or walnut woods.
  • One piece of wood makes the rattle, each ring being magically cut loose from the rest of the rattle.
  • Large-Handled and standard Rattles are available. Turned by eye, lengths vary. Size range: 3 to 6 inches in length.

One Large-Handled Rattle — $23 (free shipping to USA)

Two Standard Rattles – $34 (free shipping to USA)

Rattle Lable

Rattle Label


$10 Large-handled Rattle (srp $21)
$8 Rattle (srp $17)

Contact me for more info or to place an order.

free shipping in USA: 20 or more rattles
minimum order: 3 rattles
70/30 consignment available


A sampling of stores that carry my rattles:

John C. Campbell Folk School Craft Shop Brasstown, NC
North Carolina Craft Gallery Carrboro, NC
Piedmont Craftsmen Gallery Winston-Salem, NC
The Red Hen Chapel Hill, NC
Women’s Birth and Wellness Boutique Chapel Hill, NC


Rattles can be sanitized with dishwashing detergent or in a microwave (do not overheat).


Non-Toxic Rattles are finished with organic linseed oil which is recommended for cutting boards and other kitchen items. Organic linseed oil applied to wood provides a non-toxic finish on a non-toxic material. Wooden toys are less toxic than plastic toys.
Sanitary Research on wooden and plastic cutting boards has shown that wood is as safe as plastic. Wood is as easily cleaned as plastic and has been shown to harbor less bacteria. Read this abstract for more information.
Choke-free Rattles meet all federal anti-choking guidelines.

Turning a Baby Rattle