Greenwood Week

Spend a week working wood as nature intended. We’ll walk in the woods and learn about how to choose a tree. We’ll fell the tree with an ax and learn about splitting and riving it. A variety of projects will teach us how to exploit wood’s strengths and weaknesses for our benefit. Emphasis will be placed on learning fundamentals that can be applied to a variety of projects, green or dry.

Students will help pick our projects. I’ll send out a poll a few month before class including these options: Spoons, hay rakes, pitch forks, glue-free stools, firewood carriers, tool handles, fan birds, froe clubs, whimmy-diddles, sharpening and other projects useful and otherwise.

Roy Underhill will visit for an afternoon and teach us about using a springpole lathe and hewing a log for a cabin. Fun field trips could include a trip to the log yard where I buy my wood and a visit to The Woodwight School tool store where you can buy many of the old tools we’ll be using.

Amazingly delicious lunches will be provided.  Class size is limited to 8 students.

A $150 deposit is required to register. If written cancellation is received up to two months before the class start date, a 50% refund will be provided. Within two months no refund is offered.

GREENWOOD WEEK, September 14th to 18th, 2020 – $1000  CANCELLED

Chairmaking class info can be found on my teaching page.

Splitting an oak log…

…to make a firewood carrier.

A field trip to the log yard.

Visiting the Woodwright School tool store.


Steam bending a pitch fork.

Hewing a spoon

One-piece fan bird

"I have been making Windsor chairs for 7 years and sell at craft shows. I came hoping to learn a few new techniques and left with a completely new method of chair making that will greatly improve the quality of my chairs."
– Doug McAvoy

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