Wheelbarrow Tool List

This is a fairly comprehensive list of the tools I use for building wooden wheelbarrows.  You DO NOT need to bring all these tools to class. Bring whatever tools you have. Maybe you would like help getting some tools tuned up. Maybe you want to practice using your own tools (some tools, especially lathe tools, can feel very different with slight sharpening or manufacturing variations).  Wait to buy tools till you get a chance to see what you like during the class. This list covers the wooden parts of the job:  contact Peter Ross for a metal-working tool list.

Drawknife — Barr Tools and Lie-Nielsen make nice ones, but I like old ones from Ebay.  None of the new ones has a thin enough blade to allow the drawknife to fit into tight curves such as the seat’s waist.  For that, it’s nice to have a blade that’s 3/16″ thick or so at the edge. My online class has lots of sharpening, purchasing and using info.  Good old brands are too numerous to name: PS&W,  Lakeshore,  Witherby,  Barton, etc.

Spokeshave —  18th Century spokeshaves were wooden bodied;  they are superior for endgrain and little else. In my day-to-day work, I use metal spokeshaves like Stanley #151 and the curved-bottom Boggs Shave from Lie-Neilsen (no need for the flat-bottom – the curved bottom will work for everything).

Marking Gauge — I buy used ones on Ebay.

Mortising Gauge

Hammer and Wooden Mallet

Holdfasts – One will do many things, two will do it all.

Try square

T-Bevel — Get one that locks well, like a Stanley #18. The Japan knock-offs I’ve seen are junk, as are the plastic things at Home Depot.

Awl – The 18th C. pencil.


Backsaw and Tenon Saw  — For cutting tenons and the like. 

Crosscut Panel Saw

Bench Chisel —  We’ll use a paring chisel (3/4 to 1“ or so) and a 1/4″ bench chisel

3/8 (or thereabouts) Mortise Chisel

5/8 Hollow Auger

Spoke Pointer

Brace & Bits — We’ll use 1/4, 3/8 and 5/8 auger bits. A flat-head screwdriver bit is also handy. Read more info on my bit choices.  My online class about drill bits has info on choosing, sharpening and using auger bits.

Eggbeater Drill

Jack Plane, Smoothing Plane and Block Planes

Compass Plane (a luxury item)

Rabbet Plane  (another luxury item)

Sharpening stones and slips — I have some in my shop you are welcome to use.

Dividers —  I like old ones, such as the ones made by ps & w.

Card Scraper — Learn to sharpen them here.

Notepad, Camera —  A camera is great way to take notes

Coarse File for wood (or a fine rasp)

Flat-head screwdriver