32″ Bandsaw for Sale

I have traded for a newer bandsaw and am selling my old one. It’s a Crescent 32″ Bandsaw built in 1919, babbit bearings, wooden table (old, but probably not original), new carter roller guides, new rip fence. The motor mounts on the floor/wall so you can easily put whatever motor you want on it. I will sell the 5hp single-phase motor that I’ve been using with the saw if you want it. The bandsaw is currently disassembled and will fit easily in a small pickup truck.  It’s a really pretty machine – everyone who walks into the shop wants to know about it.

$1000 without motor
$1300 with 5hp Leeson motor and all wiring/switches (I spend $250 having the motor serviced by a motor shop this year).

You can watch it run this video:

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