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Tenon Cutter Giveaway

These tenon cutters were donated by a former student who has retired from his chairmaking hobby. We'd like them to go to someone who would have trouble affording them and would use them a lot.  If you know someone like that, please nominate them (or yourself) in...

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A New Wheelbarrow Class

Peter and I are at it again. Last year's wheelbarrow class was so much fun we've decided to do it again. A local sawmill is at work sawing one of the last green ash logs in the Piedmont for barrow frames (no thanks to you Mr. Emerald Ash Borer) and we've got Roy...

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Seat Blanks for Sale

I've been doing some spring cleaning. Yesterday and today I've been hauling pine seat blanks into the attic from where they've been air-drying outside. Before that, I was going through more seats upstairs, making room. The upshot is that I have found some surplus...

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Wheelbarrow Making Class Photos

Last week's wheelbarrow making class with Peter Ross was a great success.  And a lot of fun. First everyone spent a day moving my firewood around, so they could learn the proper use of a wheelbarrow. (I'm mostly kidding.) My mentor Curtis Buchanan took the class,...

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It’s round!

I've been getting ready for the wheelbarrow class in a couple weeks, including building some test wheels. Here's a finished wheel: Oops! Wrong photo!  Here's a finished wheel: Well, at least the wooden parts are done - now it's off to Peter Ross's to shrink the...

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18th Century Loop Back Chairmaking Class

Boy, I've been busy!  I taught a wonderful class with Eric Cannizzaro at Penland, NC in July, building Jennie Alexander ladderback chairs.  Then my wife Morgan and I toured around for ten days, visiting family, friends and Lost Art Press in Cincinnati. ...

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Make a Wheelbarrow with me and Peter Ross

My wife Morgan and I got back from our honeymoon in Italy a couple weeks ago.  We focused on eating and walking, but I did see a 15th century riven-oak square thing (wardrobe?)  in a museum, so I know they did have respectable trees once upon a time. ...

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