Chairmaking Tools and Supplies

Tenon Cutter Giveaway

These tenon cutters were donated by a former student who has retired from his chairmaking hobby. We'd like them to go to someone who would have trouble affording them and would use them a lot.  If you know someone like that, please nominate them (or yourself) in...

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Choosing a Lathe

I've been turning a lot lately.  Five weeks ago I got an order for 40 chairs (28 loop backs and 12 Continuous Arm chairs)  for a Michigan hunting camp's dining hall. I've turned 250 legs, arm stumps and center stretchers on my 1800# pattermaker's lathe. Seth...

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Steam Boxes, Part 3: Heat Sources

The size of steam-generator you need is related to the size of your steam box, how well insulated it is and the temperature of the air around the box.  It is probably cheaper and easier to insulate your box thoroughly rather than increase the size of your steam...

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