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Steam Boxes: Doors, Racks, Extensions and More

The first part of this series talked about heat, what to make you box out of and whether you really need a box at all. On to other details: Box size:  The box should be as small as possible to

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Reject Baseball Bats Turned Chair Legs

Brian Boggs called one afternoon a couple months ago. “There are two 18-wheeler loads of green hard maple baseball bat blanks and scraps at this mill in Pennsylvania I just left,” he said. Alexa spouted directions in the background as

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Green Wood Source List: By You for You

Where do you get green wood? I get this question regularly and it’s a hard one to answer. Seth and I sell oak splits for chairs, but it’s not exactly cheap if you need a bunch of parts. My blog

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GreenBook: A Book List for Green Woodworkers

Bob Simmons put together this spreadsheet of Green Woodworking books.   Feel free to add your favorite books and edit however you see fit – this is truly a communal book list, by you for you.  Happy reading! GreenBook Share:

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Knock-Down Shavehorse

After seeing Bob Simmons space-saving shaving horse ideas,  Jason Gallagher send me photos of this modified Tim Manney horse that Jason made with his buddy Tommy.  With a few wedged joints, it knocks down nicely into a small bundle of

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Drill Bits online class/Greenwood Videos

DRILL BITS:  POSITIVE TOOLS FOR MAKING NEGATIVE SPACES Buying (what to look for in old drill bits and new ones) Choosing the right bit for the job Sharpening Augers, Spoon Bits, Center Bits, etc. Making Bradpoints from Twist Bits Q&A

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Space-Saving Shavehorses

My first online class about drawknives was quite a success last weekend. Fifty-eight people registered for the class and Roy Underhill showed up with lots of equipment and proceeded to film the entire class for me. We had lots of

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Update and Free Spindles

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