Green Wood Source List: By You for You

by | Dec 25, 2020 | 3 comments

Where do you get green wood? I get this question regularly and it’s a hard one to answer. Seth and I sell oak splits for chairs, but it’s not exactly cheap if you need a bunch of parts. My blog has general suggestions for where to look, but wouldn’t it be nice if there was a list of specific places to call near you. I hope this will become that list.

This is an online spreadsheet that anyone can edit. There’s spots for sources anywhere in the world. Add any sources you know about.   And spread the word to your green woodworking friends. Together we can make a valuable resource for green woodworkers. Thanks!

Green Wood Source List

Here’s a short clip from the Democratic Chair Series for your edification and entertainment:

Shaving Horse Geometry (how to get a good grip!)

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Mark Barbee
3 years ago

I lost many big trees back when Laura came through
central Louisiana, and due to my antiquity, I am no longer able to get
out and pick that wood up myself. It is not like it was cut last week,
but it hasn’t been down more than a couple of months. I would be glad to
donate wood to anyone who wants to put it to good use, and has the
wherewithal to get it off the ground.

Jerry Thompson
4 months ago
Reply to  Mark Barbee

Where are you located?

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