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My First Chair

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GreenBook: A Book List for Green Woodworkers

Bob Simmons put together this spreadsheet of Green Woodworking books.   Feel free to add your favorite books and edit however you see fit – this is truly a communal book list, by you for you.  Happy reading! GreenBook Share:

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Knock-Down Shavehorse

After seeing Bob Simmons space-saving shaving horse ideas,  Jason Gallagher send me photos of this modified Tim Manney horse that Jason made with his buddy Tommy.  With a few wedged joints, it knocks down nicely into a small bundle of

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Gramercy Spoon Bits – a review

Last summer Gramercy sent me some of their new spoon bits to review here on the blog.  I’ve never gotten free stuff from a company before, but I guess there’s a first for everything.  Don’t worry, I’m still as opinionated

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The Lore of the Spoon Bit

How do you get a spoon bit to keep from wandering?  What’s the best way to prevent tear-out with a spoon bit? We are all victims of a post-industrial mindset and we all ask these questions.  But these questions miss

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More Fancy Arm

This post continues my adventures as I figure out how to attach the arm to my copy of a 1800’s writing arm chair for Williamsburg’s Working Wood in the 18th Century conference. My first post is here if you missed

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A Fancy Arm

I am copying this 1810-1820’s KY writing arm chair for the Colonial Williamsburg symposium in January.  Seth and I spent two days measuring and photographing it at Williamsburg’s furniture conservation lab, and now two months later I’m trying to piece

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Drying Green Chair Seats

I got a load of green white pine seats a few months ago and Seth and I stacked them for drying. Here’s what we did: Share: FacebookTwitterLinkedinemail

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