A Fancy Chair

I got some photos back from my photographer of a reproduction chair I made for a collector in Kentucky, who owns the original of this chair. It is the only signed Windsor chair from KY known to exist, made near Lexington KY between about 1810 and 1830. The old chair...

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Spoon Bit Tricks

I got a bunch of questions about using spoon bits.  Here's the answers to a few of them. How do you get the spoon bit to start where you want it? My favorite answer is to adjust your expectations.  But there are some tips that will give you more...

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Gramercy Spoon Bits – a review

Last summer Gramercy sent me some of their new spoon bits to review here on the blog.  I've never gotten free stuff from a company before, but I guess there's a first for everything.  Don't worry, I'm still as opinionated as ever. Anyway, the next thing I...

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More Fancy Arm

This post continues my adventures as I figure out how to attach the arm to my copy of a 1800's writing arm chair for Williamsburg's Working Wood in the 18th Century conference. My first post is here if you missed it. The old chair had the post notched to receive the...

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A Fancy Arm

I am copying this 1810-1820's KY writing arm chair for the Colonial Williamsburg symposium in January.  Seth and I spent two days measuring and photographing it at Williamsburg's furniture conservation lab, and now two months later I'm trying to piece it all back...

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