Knock-Down Shavehorse

by | Sep 2, 2020 | 7 comments

After seeing Bob Simmons space-saving shaving horse ideas,  Jason Gallagher send me photos of this modified Tim Manney horse that Jason made with his buddy Tommy.  With a few wedged joints, it knocks down nicely into a small bundle of parts.  In his words:

Its Tim’s shave horse with a couple mods. The front leg is secured by two pieces of angle wood glued to the main runners and reinforced with 1/4″ bolts. Once glued up as a unit, it creates an angled mortise or pocket for the leg; which, is basically just a long wedge. I added bolts because the pieces that make up that mortise are small and dont have a ton of gluing surface. It would probably be fine but I didn’t want the thing to collapse on me in the middle of demo-ing at a fair (not exactly confidence inspiring for people watching me make a chair…hehehe). The rear leg is held on by a double tusk tenon and I think I’ll make the rear leg a bit wider… day (more stability). The “head stock” and foot rest are held on with the usual tusk tenons as well. It’s made from scraps and 2×6 doug fir lumber. As for the for the seat, it needs some “adjusting”…one day.


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[…] The horses hang from this little dowel in the front leg of the horse.  There’s also a neat idea for a knock-down shavehorse. […]

2 years ago

This is so clever! what are the angles of the front and back legs?

3 years ago

I just found this pretty amazing looking horse that folds up like a yoga instructor:

Last edited 3 years ago by Elia Bizzarri
Bob Simmons
3 years ago

A good mantra is: Make Shavings, Not Dust…….

3 years ago

Nice! Wish I’d seen this before I built my Manney shave horse. 🙂

That said, having a shave horse in the middle of my shop is a good reminder to focus on learning chair making and not getting distracted by other stuff… 😀

3 years ago

I like it. A lot actually. I don’t have a shaving horse and I’ve wanted a design that is simple to build and doesn’t take up much room when not it use (one of the reasons I’ve avoided machine tools). This one fits the bill.

Bob Simmons
3 years ago

What a great design! Thanks for sharing the idea and the details!

Walt Beckwith
3 years ago

Thanks Elia! Some really good ideas here. Now to see if I can modify my horse.

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