For Sale: Continuous Arm Settee – Some Assembly Required

by | Jun 3, 2023 | 7 comments

I’ve been rooting around in my shop’s attic and I found this partially finished chair, abandoned by a student in one of my classes long ago. I can’t remember what happened – maybe he got sick or something. I’ve been tripping over it long enough, so I’m selling it for the cost of the parts. I don’t know much about the state it’s in, so buyer beware. It lacks stretchers and spindles, but everything else is there. It was built to Curtis Buchanan’s plans.

The seat is perfection as far as I can tell – a beautiful piece of pine.

The bow has a wiggle in it…

…and a thin spot…

…and some worm holes (plus the ubiquitous splinter at the elbow that needs to be shaved off).  The bow should work, though it may never be totally straight.

Apparently there’s something wrong with the reaming job on this leg.

$350 plus shipping (or best offer).

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David Rachita
10 months ago

I’d like to be on the list please.

David Rachita
10 months ago
Reply to  Elia Bizzarri

Thanks Elia.

David Rachita
10 months ago

I’d like to be on the list please!

10 months ago

I’ll take it, but I know I’m probably too late!

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