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Reamer Giveaway

The last few months have been a time of innovation for me.  I've been working on a new tool to produce - a handled scraper for cleaning up chair seats.  Right now I'm trying to bend the handles out of walnut, which isn't real easy.  I've also been...

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Rewards of Repetition

Elia recently invited me to contribute to his blog. By way of introduction, I’ve been working with Elia since 2017—primarily as resident toolmaker. Prior to that I had a career as a baker and pastry chef, but my shift to woodworking had earlier inklings. After college...

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British Pathe

For your entertainment and edification, here are some more British Pathe woodworking videos. If you watch one, watch the tennis rackets - it's a pretty neat look at a mechanized shop that was still using a froe and drawknife. Turners making chess pieces in Hungry in...

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Steamboxes: Part 1

Do you really need a steam box? Boiling parts in water serves the same purpose as steaming and requires a simpler set-up with fewer heat-loss issues. ‘Chairmaking in High Wycombe’ references boiling of chair bows and I have bent table legs, shaker boxes and hay forks...

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The Giant Maple

I visited with Curtis Buchanan last week, building Velda's chairs and going over his new plans for the Velda's chair.  On the way to his TN home, I dropped off Tomi's Birdcage Side Chair.  Here's a story about her chair: Last week, I was at the lathe turning...

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