Drill Bits online class/Greenwood Videos


Buying (what to look for in old drill bits and new ones)
Choosing the right bit for the job
Sharpening Augers, Spoon Bits, Center Bits, etc.
Making Bradpoints from Twist Bits
Q&A Session

Saturday, August 29th, 1-3pm Eastern Time

You can make a donation to register on my online classes page.

The recording of last weekend’s Greenwood class is available by donation for folks who missed the live event. Go to the online classes page. Here are a few clips from the recording:

How to Control a Split with a Froe, Riving Break options, Species for Riving:

Choosing  Metal Splitting Wedges that Work:

Attaching Froe Handles, Blacksmith and Mass-Produces Froes:

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Bob Simmons
1 year ago

Evidence that visual exposure can increase understanding is apparent from this 2-hour webinar. In early 2018, Elia posted a blog entry reviewing the various drill bits and their uses. It was very well written and helpful. But hearing the words and seeing the actions really helped me improve my understanding. I think I am actually prepared to sort through my collection of auger bits, mixed between Irwin and Jennings style, and make some decisions about which to retain and which to pass on to others.

Bob Simmons
1 year ago

If there is time, after talking drill bits, perhaps you can discuss various types of bit braces and what to look for.

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