Greenwood Week with Eric Cannizzaro & Elia Bizzarri

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I’m excited to be teaching this class again.  It’s the kind of woodworking I love best, and I love getting to share it.  And I’m especially excited to be teaching with Eric Cannizzaro again – he’s an excellent chairmaker, a good teacher and a really nice guy.  I’ve never been to his shop before, but he’s spent the last couple years improving it and it sounds really nice.  Here’s the class description:

Spend a week working wood as nature intended. We’ll begin with a walk in the woods and learn how to identify several useful tree species and how to pick a good tree for green woodworking projects. Then we will return to the shop to split and rive parts from an ash log to start our first project. A variety of projects will teach us how to exploit wood’s strengths and weaknesses for our benefit. Emphasis will be placed on learning fundamentals that can be applied to a variety of projects, green or dry. Projects options include spoons, pitch forks, brooms, firewood carriers, tool handles, fan birds sharpening and other projects useful and otherwise. A pole lathe will be on hand for fun and turning.

The class takes place at Eric Cannizzaro’s shop in Charlotte, Vermont.  The class is open to 8 students.  We will also offer a work-study position to someone for whom money is a barrier.

GREENWOOD WEEK, June 10th to 14th, 2024 – $1000

For more information, visit the Greenwood Week page.

Eric’s Shop

Splitting an oak log…

…to make a firewood carrier.


Steam bending a pitch fork.

Hewing a spoon

One-piece fan bird

Pole lathe turning




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