A Day in Curtis’s Shop

by | Jun 13, 2021 | 2 comments

I spent two days with Curtis Buchanan, Marilyn and Summer last week, visiting and hanging out in the shop.  This was my first trip playing with my new fancy-pants camera – here’s some photos I took.

Curtis’s garden on the evening I arrived.

Through the trellis….

….to the shop.

I slept in the loft when I apprenticed with Curtis – I’d unhook the ladder, lean it against it’s hook on the beam, and climb upstairs.

First thing the next morning, we each whittled a spoon blank and Curtis bent them.


Then we each carved a spoon.


To get the back bend, they were clamped overnight.

Curtis’s favorite teapot had lost it’s handle, so I made a hickory bark handle for it; my first waltz with bark. Marilyn gave Curtis a birthday present of Roy Underhill’s first book in the early ’80s, so I looked up how do the hook and eye in there. It worked!

The rest of the day worked on assembling a democratic chair for Curtis’s new basement apartment.

And Curtis worked on a fan back for Dave Fisher.

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2 years ago

Beautiful pictures, Elia. The fancy-pants camera is taking great photos, and you’ve a nice eye for composition.

Thanks for sharing.

Steve Harper
3 years ago

Beautiful setting and a beautiful man. Thanks for sharing, Elia!

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