Curtis, Eric and I

by | Feb 23, 2022 | 3 comments

I am spending the next few days visiting with Curtis and Marilyn Buchanan. Eric Cannizzaro is here too. During the day we’re working an a new loop back arm chair design for which Curtis hopes to publish a set of plans. At night, we are eating Marilyn’s good food and listen to Curtis’s stories (Marilyn may have heard a few of them before). I first came here to work with Curtis 20 years ago this April. Amazing.

We all had our parts made before we came, so we started with assembly.

This is the chair we’re working from, in Santore’s book.

Eric spokeshaving spindles. He’s a great guy to be around and a excellent craftsman.

When Curtis first showed me the photo of this chair, I suggested a curved front stretcher might be nice, to match the curvy arms and bent arm stumps. Curtis jumped on the idea. None of us have ever used bent stretchers before, so we’re having fun figuring how to put it together. Tomorrow will tell all.

Curtis talking about cutting the waist on the seat. It’s almost as much fun talking about it as doing it.

Dinner time!  Not a bad days work.

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2 years ago

Thanks for sharing, Elia. It’s always a joy to get a peek into your shops.

Peter Follansbee
2 years ago

well, that looks like all kinds of fun. Mostly I’m looking at Curtis in a T-shirt while I wait for the stove to heat up my shop this morning. And getting ready for tonight’s snowstorm. Hope to see more from this project Elia, thanks for posting it.

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