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by | Nov 30, 2020 | 0 comments

Peter Follansbee and I are planning on a few spoon carving classes in the new year, plus I’m hoping to do a series on making a chairmaking reamer. In the mean time, Curtis and I are doing the last two classes of the Democratic Chair series on October 5th and 12th (we might possibly add a class on the 19th if need be).:

BACK ASSEMBLY Dec. 5th, 2-4pm Eastern
We’ll bore crest mortises in the posts, tenon the crest, bore spindle mortises, then tenon and clean up the spindles. With any luck, we’ll have the chair fully assembled by the end of this class. Plus Q&A session.
MILK PAINT FINISH Dec. 12th, 2-4pm Eastern
We’ll talk about preparing the surface of the chair for paint, mixing and applying milk paint, bruch choices, rubbing the paint out to create a sheen, and top coat options. Plus Q&A session. (this is probably the last class of the Democratic Chair series, but there’s a chance we’ll need to add a class on Dec 19th to finish things up).

Here’s some clips from the first couple classes:

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