Drawknives: My first Online Class

by | Jul 27, 2020 | 2 comments

In the last three weeks, I have learned more about USB ports,  bitrates and internet hotpsots than any chairmaker should ever know.  Having tested everything to the best of my abilities, I am now ready to run my first class, this Saturday, August 1st, 1-3pm,  with a follow-up Q&A session Sunday August 2nd, 3:30-5pm.    Hopefully everyone will go into their shop after the first class, try what they’ve learned and then ask any follow up questions on Sunday.

Topics include:

Buying drawknives (what to look for: straight vs. curved, bevel up vs. bevel down, new vs. old…)
Sharpening (what angle to use, how to grind, how to hone, tightening handles, etc.)
Work Holding (shave horses, bench gizmos…)
Use (various projects, flattening a board, making round objects, )
Reading grain direction
Myriad other bits of rare and priceless information

This first class is available on a donation basis – spread the word!

For more info and to register, visit my  Online Classes webpage.


The winner of the spindle giveaway was Mark Nicholson, who’s guess was a mere one ounce less than the correct weight of 2# 8oz. Congratulations!

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Bob Simmons
3 years ago

I participated in the drawknife webinar today. It was a splendid session. I look forward to the Q&A tomorrow. Monday I will apply what I learned and tune a couple of drawknives and tighten the handles!

Jim B
3 years ago

Roy Underhill’s half sister knows all about drawknives.

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