Fan Birds with Jane Mickelborough/Chairmaking Videos

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I first met Jane Mickelborough when she spent three days with me and taught a class on spooncarving in my shop.  They spent a day carving the spoon, a day chip carving and a day doing wax inlay.  Her work is beautiful, with lovely lines and extraordinarily detail.  She’s a kind and generous teacher. 

Teaching online has it’s challenges. Is anyone really there? Am I making any sense?  It can be hard to tell.  But one of the most exciting parts of teaching online is the ability to connect with people I would never get to work with otherwise.  Jane lives in France and yet we can teach a class together.  Magic!

Jane Mickelborough will join us from France as she teaches us to make traditional Scandinavian and Russian fan birds.  These magical birds can be carved and bent from a single piece of wood in a matter of minutes.  Jane usually makes them in the style of hummingbirds with long beaks, but the techniques can be used to make dolls, mobiles and earrings and more.  It’s the perfect craft to learn right before Valentine’s Day!

Jane and Elia will demonstrate how to carve, split and bend the feathers, talk about tools, make a few birds, show some short how-to videos, and answer all your questions.  $40, or pay-what-you-can.

February 6th, 10am Eastern

Here’s some clips from my Democratic Chair Class with Curtis Buchanan. I am hammering – and Curtis is ironing – out the details of a series on making his Velda’s chair, both as a rocker and an armchair.  It will start sometime in March – more details soon.

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