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by | Jul 27, 2016 | 0 comments

A year ago, teaching at Roy Underhill’s school, a student was struggling to get his rocker bottoms beveled so they would touch the floor evenly.  I said half-joking, “We need to add a outrigger onto the plane to ride on the other rocker.”

I was teaching in Portland last month, lazily sitting and watching a student bevel his rockers with a wooden spokeshave. Suddenly it hit me.  You could easily attach a long, long handle to a wooden spokeshave!  I made just such a bottomer as soon as I got home. Two students got try the bottomer out last week:

indexJim bottoming.

DSC03169Just two boards, the bottom one mortised to receive the spokeshave handle and keep the spokeshave bottom flush with the bottom board.

DSC03170The spokeshave has to be reversed (the opposite handle of the spokeshave inserted into the bottomer) so it can cut with the grain on the sawn rocker bottoms (try it – you’ll see).

DSC03171The boards pinch the handle in place.  The screw was cut out of a junky Pony clamp I had laying around, but a bolt with a wooden handle would work just as well.

DSC03165Bill is happy!

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