Red oak for Chests

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oakLast week a local tree guy offered me a beautiful Northern Red Oak log, straight, clear, and no twist.  He said it was 18″ in diameter, which is the first time I can remember anyone underestimating the size of a tree: the butt log was 24″ in diameter at the small end. It died standing last summer, so there are a few beetle holes, but not many. It is probably ideal for Peter Follansbee-type joinery. I should be able to get some 8″ panels out of it and maybe even wider. Contact me for more info or to place an order.oak

A few beetle holes


Recent Happenings:  Butternut Delivery

Last month I got an order of 18-28″ wide butternut from Irion Lumber for natural chair seats.  Butternut is a relative of walnut, though it weighs quite a bit less than walnut and is much easier to carve.  It has a blight and is going extinct, so I decided to stock up while it is still available.  The day it was delivered, Sandi Tait was here from Canada taking turning lessons and she photographed the delivery:


Starting the tractor


Look at all that wood!

unloading butternut

 The stuff is pretty lighttruck

Off we go!

butternut upstairs

My neighbor Lorenzo helped haul it upstairs in the shop.


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