Spoons with Follansbee & Reamer-Making Class

by | Dec 31, 2020 | 1 comment

I’ve been looking forward to doing this class for a few months  – I first learned to carve a spoon properly in one of Peter’s classes and he is such a laid-back, entertaining fellow that the idea of teaching with him sounds like great fun.  We’ll carve a spoon similar to the one in the photo above, with Peter demonstrating the technique and me following along under Peter’s supervision.  Should be a hoot.

SPOON CARVING CLASS Pt. 1: HEWING THE BLANK January 9th, 1pm Eastern

SPOON CARVING CLASS Pt. 2: KNIFE WORK January 16th, 1pm Eastern

I first started making reamers about 15 years ago.  They were pretty bad back then, but I’ve made a few thousand reamers since and have learned quite a bit. I’ve wanted to write a reamer-making series on my blog for years, but technical writing is quite fussy work and I never quite got to it.  So I’m excited to be able to do it on video, where you can see what the heck is happening.  We’ll cover everything from making a blade from a piece of scrap steel to adding an adjustment screw, with lots of time spent on getting the reamer to cut well. I am also selling a reamer kit of the wood and metal you need to build a reamer to go a long with the class (but you can also scrounge the materials locally – we’ll talk about that during class).

MAKE A REAMER Pt. 1 with ELIA BIZZARRI January 23rd, 1pm Eastern

MAKE A REAMER Pt. 2 with ELIA BIZZARRI January 30th, 1pm Eastern

Here’s a few clips from the democratic chair series:

Kiln Construction and Drying Wood

All About Seat Blanks

Considerations on Seat Prep and Layout

Orienting the Back Posts for Reaming

Shaping a Spindle (after squaring up a blank)

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