Settee class and other Excitement

I am finally getting around to posting my first class of next year - a Continuous Arm Settee class from January 27th to February 1st, 2020.  I taught this a couple years ago and the waitlist was a mile long, so here it is again.  Plus I need a settee...

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Jane Mickelborough Spoon Carving Class

I'm excited to announce my first-ever guest instructor! Jane Mickelborough will teach a small spoon carving class in my shop while she's in the states visiting Curtis Buchanan. She's taught at Spoon Fest and hosts a spoon-carving festival in France where she lives;...

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Soup-to-Nuts Chair Class

Seth (resident toolmaker, rivings splitter, cook and nice guy) suggested I run a two week class, from log to paint. Since my new Greeenwood Week is filling up, I figured I might as well try this too. I've been building a spring-pole lathe and intend to park it in my...

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New class: Greenwood Week

I've been wanting to try this class for a while now and this year I finally decided to take the plunge. Roy Underhill used to teach a class like this at his school and I always enjoyed the day when I'd go and 'help', which mostly involved watching students work and...

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Winter/Spring 2019 Classes

I must apologize; I've been dilatory with my blog posts the last couple months. I've been busy building two sheds off my shop, one off the front for outdoor shaving-horse work and one off the back for Seth to set up for tool manufacturing. We've also put down about...

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A week in a chairmaking class

One of my students filmed this short video during his week in my shop building a Continuous Arm Windsor chair. It's fun for me to hear some of the random things I say during a week in the shop. Maybe you'll enjoy it too... I just had a cancellation in my August...

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