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Review of Chairmaking Drill Bits

The following are my thoughts on drill bits for Windsor chairmaking. Bear in mind that I have used some of these bits (augers, bradpoints, etc.) daily for 15 years and other bits I have used infrequently.  In these reviews, I

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Chair Stories: Tall Tales

Teresa bought a Comb Back Rocker, a chair I built with my friend Don a couple years ago. Here’s a story about her chair: I put the finishing touches on the Comb Back Rocker, and set down my brush. “Brush;

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American Seat Woods

Nearly any wood will work for a Windsor chair seat. It depends on how much work you are willing to do and how heavy a chair you want to move every time you finish dinner. I refuse to use anything

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Turning Chess Pieces

With the holidays, a new girlfriend and huge quantities of tool orders, I have been delinquent in my blog posts lately. This year saw a huge growth in my business, with Seth Elliott starting to help me make tools, refurbish

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Milk Paint Viscosity Measure/Studio Tour

The viscosity of milk paint directly affects the ease with which the paint can be applied and the smoothness of the painted surface.  True milk paint only comes in powered form and must be mixed with water before use (“pre-mixed”

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32″ Bandsaw for Sale

I have traded for a newer bandsaw and am selling my old one. It’s a Crescent 32″ Bandsaw built in 1919, babbit bearings, wooden table (old, but probably not original), new carter roller guides, new rip fence. The motor mounts

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Finding green wood

Green wood is everywhere. In fact, dry wood doesn’t usually exist in nature: trees are veritable pipes full of water and once they die the rotting process is fed by water. Yet finding green wood can be a daunting task

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Milk Paint DVD

My Popular Woodworking Milk Paint DVD has just come out.  While many paints hide the wood’s subtle surface quality or create a plastic looking finish, milk paint is an incredibly thin, natural-looking paint that allows every pore of the wood

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