Pitchforks with Curtis

I’ve made a few pitchforks for historical museums over the years, though I can hardly say I’m an expert. Curtis Buchanan called me a few months ago and said he wanted to make a pitchfork. Here’s some photos from my weekend in Jonesborough,  eating the Buchanan’s good food and making pitchforks with Curtis and a neighbor of his. We had a ball! Thanks to Curtis’s neighbor Ben for taking many of these photos:

The process starts much as a chair back does:  riving, squaring, tapering, octagonalizing…. Read more ›

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Mountain Shovel Maker

I just stumbled upon this old Folkstreams video for the second time – it’s well worth watching.  A poplar or basswood log and five tools:  scribe, ax, adz, drawknife and a knife.  No work-holding devices, but a neat way to hold the shovel using his feet and legs.  That old man could work.

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Barstool Reproduction

I just started a fun job.  A customer wants two copies of this early 19th C. barstool.  I love getting to spend time with old chairs like this – there is so much to learn.  Last week I turned the turned parts and bent those that get bent. Read more ›

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Chair Stories: Grandma’s Linseed Oil

This week I shipped a Fan Back and a Birdcage Side Chair to Rene in California.  Here’s the story that went along with her chairs (I’ll get back to some how-to articles soon):

My Grandmother was a hands-on sort of woman. She was an artist and drew medical drawings professionally before marriage. Being the holiday season, I was thinking about her today while I put the finish on a Fan Back and a Bird Cage chair. I remembered the story I wrote the day she died:

My grandmother, as a young mother, enjoys furniture refinishing for a hobby. She goes to buy boiled linseed oil from the hardware store. But on this day, the store is out of boiled linseed oil; raw linseed oil is all that’s left. Read more ›

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2017 Chairmaking Classes

Classes in My Shopuntitled-04543

Much to my surprise, my 2017 classes have been filling up before I even put them up on  my website!  Here’s what I have booked at present.  I have not booked classes in June, July and/or August yet, so if you are interested in a specific date or chair, fell free to e-mail me.  Here’s the schedule at present: Read more ›

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